On August 10, 1958, The House of Prayer, Church of God, Centreville, Virginia was conceived. Bishop Floyd B. Brown, Jr. and his wife, Evg. Marjorie A. Brown, with their Pastor, Bishop James P. Simms, and his wife Mother Evelyn Simms of Central Avenue, came to bring the good news to the Centreville area. Evangelist Marie Jenkins of Cedar Heights, Missionaries Marion Hill, Marie Watts and Mamie Harper also of Central Avenue came to witness to good news. This message was delivered by Bishop Simms. On August 13, 1958, Bishop Brown, at that time, Minister Brown, preached his first message, “I Don’t Have Kinfolk Religion.

Bishop Brown, his wife and his mother-in-law traveled from Washington, D.C. to Virginia for services on Wednesday nights and Sunday Mornings. For the next two years as the spirit grew, services would be held in a tent during the summer and in the homes of Sister Judy Harris, Sister Kate Harris, Sister Mimie Bailey and Mr. Leroy Alexander during the winter.

If we could look back in time, we would see the young minister sketching on a brown Safeway bag. God has given him the vision of the church and his ministry in Centreville. By faith, the substance of things hoped for and vision of things not seen, Bishop brought his wife to Centreville and pointed out the place where his vision of the church would be built. At that time, this area was completely surrounded by woods. His family marveled when they heard this; for this young man had no members and no money.

In June 1960, ground was broken for the church edifice. By the grace of God and many hours of volunteered time, labor and money donated by our members, families, and friends in Christ, construction cost was kept at a minimum when we dedicated our new born church on September 10, 1961. We entered into the doors Debt-Free. PRAISE GOD!!!

September 2, 1964, the Church was re-organized under the name, “The Church of the Blessed Trinity”. The early church consisted of six active members. As souls were added to the church, the late William Taylor was appointed as the first Deacon. From this congregation, the late Minor Diamond was called to the Ministry. Today, the Lord has increased the Ministerial Staff to assist the Pastor. Other auxiliaries and groups have been established to enhance the ministry of God within the body of Christ.

A new addition was dedicated during the week of April 21, 1995. Again, it was proven, “With God All Things Are Possible." We entered Debt-Free.

We are grateful to God for the blessings he has bestowed on us and the PROGRESS made through the years. This church, once upon a time, was surrounded in woods with an old dirt road, and outside bathrooms. Although it is written in the Bible that we are not to “Quench the Spirit”, when the anointing of the Lord filled the temple and it would start to rain outside, the members would have to “bring it in” in order to get in their cars and get out. There are memories of being stuck in the mud and cars from the “city” would get their whitewall tires VERY muddy. But look at God, he has turned the old dirt road into black top, the bathrooms are now on the inside of the building and lovely homes surround the church with neighbors who keep a watchful eye.

Once again, our Pastor has a vision to enhance the physical building, and with the guidance of the Lord, and the approval of Fairfax County, this we will do. For we yet believe that we should, “Trust in the Lord with All Thine Heart; and Lean Not Unto Thine Own Understanding. In All Thy Ways Acknowledge Him and He shall Direct Thy Paths.” Proverbs 3:5-6.